Preferred Candidate for U.S. Presidential Race (four year term)

Republicans: President Donald J. Trump (Incumbent)
Democrats: Vice President Joe Biden

Justice of Wisconsin Supreme Court (ten year term)

Justice Dan Kelly (Incumbent)
Judge Jill Karofsky [WINNER]

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Judge of Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District 2 (six year term)

Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer [WINNER] (Incumbent)
Paul Bugenhagen Jr

Judge of Wisconsin Circuit Court, Branch 5 (six year term)

Jack Melvin [WINNER]
Sarah A. Ponath

Wisconsin Circuit Court, Branch 6

Waukesha County Supervisor, District 6 (two year term)

Jeremy Walz [WINNER-unopposed] (Incumbent)

Menomonee Falls Village Trustee, Seat 1 (three year term)

Katie Kress [WINNER] (Incumbent)
Daniel Schwind

Menomonee Falls Village Trustee, Seat 2 (three year term)

Randy Van Alstyne [WINNER] (Incumbent)
Adam Sachs

Menomonee Falls Village Trustee, Seat 3 (three year term)

Tim Newman [WINNER] (Incumbent)
Stephanie Kosmeder

Menomonee Falls Municipal Judge (four year term)

Bradley W. Matthiesen [WINNER-unopposed] (Incumbent)

Menomonee Falls High School

School Board Member for Menomonee Falls School District

Melinda McShane [WINNER]
Robert R. DeKoning
Mark A. Nadolski (Incumbent)
Eric Pelzer [WINNER]

Statewide Referendum

QUESTION 1: “Additional rights of crime victims. Shall section 9m of article I of the constitution, which gives certain rights to crime victims, be amended to give crime victims additional rights, to require that the rights of crime victims be protected with equal force to the protections afforded the accused while leaving the federal constitutional rights of the accused intact, and to allow crime victims to enforce their rights in court?”


Total voter turnout: not yet available, check back
Election date: April 7, 2020
Result date: April 13, 2020

2020 Spring Election Sample Ballot

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