Every American deserves a chance to find a well-paying job, provide for his or her family, and gain the skills to thrive in a 21st-century economy. But this administration, along with congressional leadership, is ignoring and pushing back against common-sense steps to raise wages, protect consumers, and make families across the country more financially secure.

Stand up for the middle class

This administration and congressional leaders passed a tax bill that gives huge breaks to millionaires, billionaires, and wealthy corporations—and does nothing to help the middle class. The bill does, however, line the pockets of hedge fund CEOs and real estate tycoons. Even worse, Congress is threatening to cut key programs that middle-class and working families rely on from Medicaid and Medicare to nutrition assistance.

While millions of American families live paycheck to paycheck, leaders in Washington refuse to put consumers first. . In a move that puts Wall Street ahead of Main Street, congressional leaders are working to roll back the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s ban on forced arbitration—also known as “rip-off clauses”—that allow big financial corporations to keep consumers from having a fair day in court if they’re cheated by their bank, credit card company, or loan issuer.

Rather than spending time and resources on these misguided plans, Congress should take the lead on helping middle-class families by investing in job training, raising the minimum wage, and protecting college loan assistance.