Our constitution is built on the ideal that every citizen has the opportunity to make their voice heard. This means every American is entitled to fairness in representation and fairness at the ballot box. Everyone who is eligible and wants to vote should get that chance—it’s one of the most sacred tenets of our democracy. But this also means examining why some Americans aren’t eligible, and it means realizing that expanding the franchise, and expanding opportunities to vote—from early voting to same-day registration—are important. It means realizing that voters should pick their representatives instead of elected officials cherry picking their voters.

Organizing for a more accessible, participatory democracy.

Democratic ideals are under attack. Whether it’s politicians using inflated claims of voter fraud as cover for campaigns to restrict voting rights, or drawing gerrymandered districts to rob Americans of fair representation in Congress or in state legislatures, it needs to stop. We won’t stand for phony voter ID laws that make it harder for underrepresented populations to vote. We won’t let the next round of redistricting go the same way the last one did—denying equal representation to millions.

Playing defense isn’t enough. That’s why we’re advocating for expanding the list of states with automatic voter registration. We’re fighting to restore voting rights to people who have paid their debt to society. We are fighting to ensure that no citizen or community is vulnerable to being systematically disenfranchised on the basis of race, socioeconomic status, or any other factor. The stakes are too high.