1. Sign your legal name.
  2. Print your complete street address (i.e., N85W16110 Appleton Avenue).
  3. Check VILLAGE and write Menomonee Falls as your municipality of residence. Do not abbreviate Menom. Falls or Menomonee Fls. Republicans pay people to inspect our nomination papers and find the smallest errors as grounds to challenge a signature.
  4. Write 53051 for zip code.
  5. Date month/day/year.
  6. If there’s a blank for it, adding your telephone or email is optional. However, if your signature is challenged, the campaign can contact you to correct it.
  7. If you have more than one eligible voter in your household, everyone can sign on the same form. Please use your best judgment and discretion, but if you think neighbors, friends, family, or co-workers are eligible voters and would safely be willing to sign, consider sharing your form with them or provide them with the link to download their own.
  8. If you’re the person printing the form and asking others to sign it, you should print your legal name beneath Certification of Circulator and print your street address and Menomonee Falls. Then date the month/day/year and sign your legal name.

If you are completing your form(s) for the November 2020 ballot, you can mail it directly to the mailing address provided by the candidate or contact us to pick it up and we’ll deliver it in bulk to the candidate.


A circulator must be eligible to vote in the State of Wisconsin and be 18 years of age or older.

Circulators and signers may only circulate and sign nomination forms for one candidate per race (i.e., one candidate for Congress, but you could also complete one for a judgeship election).

Circulators must personally collect the signatures on the nomination form Nomination forms may not be left unattended on counters or posted on bulletin boards, etc.

The circulators must completely fill out his or her complete address, along with municipality of residence. Mailing address is not sufficient.

The circulator must certify (sign) and date the nomination form before returning it to the campaign.

The circulator must not certify the nomination form until he or she is done circulating the nomination form. This means that the date of certification must certainly be on or after the latest date of a signer.

DO NOT number the page at the bottom of the nomination form. That will be done once all the nomination forms are collected.

Original copies must be returned to the campaign. Copies are not accepted and will be rejected.


All signers must be eligible to vote in the district and be 18 years of age or older.

The signer’s address of residence must always be listed. Mailing address is not sufficient.

Signers may only fill out one candidate’s nomination form per race.

Signers MUST fill out the name of the municipality of residence in entirety
(i.e., write “Menomonee Falls” not “M. Falls”).

Signers must check the box that identifies town/city/village of residence.

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