The way we win elections is by activating Menomonee Falls Democrats and Sussex Democrats, as well as those Independents and conservatives aligned with our values and turned off by the way many Republicans have embraced Trump.


Are you fired up and ready to go?

Canvassing / Knocking Doors

We want our community safe and healthy, and we now know that vaccinated volunteers using additional COVID-19 mitigation methods have little risk of contracting or spreading disease.

Virtual At-Home Phonebanking

Turn your home into your own phone bank. We provide you with lists of people to call, suggested things to say, and the training you need to have effective interactions over the phone. If calling voters isn’t your thing, we also need volunteers to call our experienced phone bankers and sign them up for shifts.

At-Home Text Banking

For those who are unable or prefer not to make phone calls, we need volunteers to send text messages to voters as well as to potential new volunteers.

Yard Signs

Request a yard sign for your favorite candidate!

Postcards / Letters to the Editor

Write postcards to your legislators about the issues that are important to you and our community. Or, expand on your thoughts in letter form to one of our area newspapers or online platforms for an increased reach.

There are so many ways that you can contribute even while we fight the spread of COVID-19. Check out some of the roles. Be a driver to drop off call packets to volunteers during an at-home phone bank or deliver yard signs, enter data, write thank you notes, post about our events and projects on your social media pages, or make a donation of snacks, supplies, or resources.