As of this writing, there are seven (7) candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. This is the job that Governor Tony Evers held for so long. It is technically a non-partisan office but political parties often support certain candidates based upon their shared values or policy ideas. Media reports state that Joe Fenrick has not made any donations to political candidates. Read the article


Here is some background on Joe Fenrick, as provided by his campaign.:

I’m Joe Fenrick, a science teacher at Fond du Lac High School, a geology lecturer at UW- Oshkosh Fond du Lac Campus, an elected official serving on Fond du Lac County Board of Supervisors, but most importantly I am a father to four children. The future of our public education system is extremely important as I have a child in High School, in Middle School, in Elementary School, and one who is just learning to talk.

The value of receiving a quality education was instilled in me early on as I grew up in an educator’s family. My father was a teacher and a principal for Campbellsport School District for 35 years and my mother taught at St. Mathews Catholic Elementary School in Campbellsport, Wisconsin for 20 years. I saw the value of learning and how kids were taught both in the public setting and in the private setting. I attended Campbellsport Public Schools from kindergarten until I graduated in 2001.

One of my greatest honors was receiving the 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni Award from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where I completed not only my bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree in education. 

My community involvement lead to others asking me to run for local office.  I chose to run for District #15 Fond du Lac County Board of Supervisors. In 2016 I was elected to the board with 78% of the vote.

I am currently in my third term and am the chair of the Social Service committee and Human Service committee. I oversee Veterans Services, Family Support, the Aging and Disability Resource Center, Economic Support Services, Senior Services, Child Support, and Harbor Haven (the county nursing home), along with a $40 million budget.

Partial bio of Joe Fenrick


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Latest updates on the candidates (2/13/2021)


To download nomination papers for Joe Fenrick and instructions on how to collect and send them in, click below.

Remember that you will need to choose 1 of the numerous State Superintendent candidates. In other words, you cannot submit nomination papers for both Joe Fenrick and anyone else, such as Steve Krull. If you choose to safely collect signatures from anyone else, be sure to tell them they can only sign for one candidate. If someone signs for both candidates, their signatures will be invalidated and they will receive a lump of coal.

You can view instructions for completing his nomination papers here.

NOTE: Joe asks that you turn in your nomination papers by no later than December 26.

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