Menomonee Falls Democrats Favor Underly for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Straw Poll

Menomonee Falls, Wis. — Today, Jill Underly came in first place in the State Superintendent of Public Instruction straw poll with 62.5% of the votes ahead of the February 16 election.

The results of the straw poll are as follows:

Jill Underly: 62.5%
Sheila Briggs: 25%
Deborah Kerr: 8.33%
Troy Gunderson: 4.17%
Joe Fenrick: 0%
Shandowlyon Hendricks-Williams: 0%
Steve Krull: 0%

About Menomonee Falls Action Team

Menomonee Falls Action Team is a grassroots group of volunteers, activists, and voters working to protect our democracy, advance progressive values and policies, and hold our elected officials accountable.

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