Menomonee Falls Action Team Penzeys Holiday Appreciation Campaign


Looking for a Special Christmas/Holiday Gift? Join our Holiday Appreciation Campaign by supporting Penzeys Spices.


  1. Penzeys shares our Democratic values. As a result, we want to show them our support.
  2. First, shop in-store or online (website and store location below).
  3. Second, please scan or take a photo of your online or in-store purchase receipt and email to so we can assess the impact of our Appreciation Campaign.
  4. By submitting your receipt, you will be eligible for the chance to win a small prize purchased by a Menomonee Falls Action Team super-volunteer and a Tammy Baldwin or Tony Evers bumper sticker!
  5. Consider also sending a picture taken while shopping or with your spices after purchasing.

Note: Some have suggested Penzeys would make a fine gift for friends and family of all political persuasions. 😉

Let’s show the business community that it can pay to show your Democratic values!


Penzeys Wisconsin HQ is practically next door to Menomonee Falls. Here’s the address. You can also shop and ship online.
12001 W. Capitol Drive
Wauwatosa, WI 53222


  1. Penzeys has supported Menomonee Falls Democrats in the past. It provided us with heart stickers reading, “I will vote, 11.06.18” during the 2018 midterm elections. Subsequently, we gave them out during GOTV (get out the vote) canvassing to remind voters of their commitment to vote on election day.
  2. In addition, it has a longstanding history in the Southeastern Wisconsin area of supporting causes that share our Democratic values.

Most recently, Penzeys received national coverage about its dedicated Impeachment Fund. The fund fuels digital advertisements on social networks like Facebook. Ads take aim at President Trump’s misuse of his office for damaging personal gains. The fund’s spending was second only to the President’s reelection campaign itself. Obviously the President’s impeachment ads are very different.


Impeach! De-Fund Fox! Save America!

Last week it was announced that Penzeys was second in Facebook Impeachment ads spending to only the president himself. Who wants to be #2? Today, Tomorrow (possibly longer) every single dollar in new customer spending at will go to funding Penzeys Impeachment Facebook ads. Every cent!

Maybe you’ve been paying attention to the news and have seen that we are in it. The short of it is we did a Facebook post/ad that was one of our longest ever at 1607 words. It worked better than any post ever for us. 50,000+ comments, my favorite of which was: “Does this post come in an audio-book format?” Of those 1607 words one was impeachment and another was impeachable. Those two words suddenly got us a whole lot of attention.

First thing Wednesday customers began emailing me all excited that there’s Axios and it has a list and we are in it!!! I look and it seems there is a list of Facebook post promotions that mention impeachment and we are number two on the list only to the president himself. Ruh-roh.

By Penzeys Spices 10/13/2019

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