Menomonee Falls Village Board Trustee Randy Van Alstyne is running to keep his seat (#2) on the board against Adam Sachs.

1. What is your vision for the future of the Falls and how would you balance economic growth with residential needs?

Photo Courtesy: VOMF

We’ve had significant growth in retail, corporate, and multi-unit housing in recent years. Our residents have strongly expressed the need for growth in single-family housing units. This will balance our community expansion. I was a leader to remove the R-7 zoning to maintain village standards as we see future single-family housing development. As a third generation resident, I want to serve to keep our Village a great place to live and raise a family.

2. People have reported a perception that the board is divided. How would you work to end the division or what would you do to work within it?

The divide on the Board is usually concerning development and TIF districts. As an engineer, I listen to all input and perform fact-based analysis of projects brought before the Village Board. We need work as a team to balance our community growth, the needs for public safety for all residents, and our budget. We need to maintain our great services while reducing cost to keep property taxes low.

3. What specifically would you do to better involve the community on issues before the board and increase transparency?

Village Board agendas are posted on the Village website and outside Village Hall on bulletin boards. I regularly receive feedback from residents through my involvement in the community and email. I welcome all comments as I serve the community so my vote impacts the Village in the best, positive way.

4. Where do you feel we stand with the fire and safety issues, and what would you do to reassure the community that they are safe?

I see our Village emergency services as a vital area of focus. We will continue to add resources to the Fire, EMS, and Police departments. I will scrutinize all areas in the budget to address these fiscal requirements as we move into the future.

5. Are you concerned about the economic impact COVID-19 will have on the village, and what leadership will be required locally to help businesses and residents recover?

Yes, we will need to analyze the fiscal impact of this situation as it progresses. The safety of our residents is paramount and we may need to reallocate resources accordingly. Our emergency services are on the front line of defense against any crisis. It is critical that we maintain the excellent services we have from our Police, Fire, and EMS departments.

6. How has your personal life been affected by COVID-19? For example, are you working from home and/or social distancing?

I am thankful that I am currently able to work from home. Our management team has regular electronic meetings as we negotiate this change in the business climate. I am following the government Safer at Home order, but I am looking forward to returning to a normal life as soon as possible.

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