in Menomonee Falls for the November 2020 elections

Send postcards to known Democrats in Menomonee Falls who have not requested absentee ballots for the upcoming November elections, including for president. You will be provided the postcards and postage, the names and addresses of voters, and a suggested message you can write on the cards. There will be a small fee to cover costs.

We know that several million Wisconsin votes are expected to be cast by mail with absentee ballots in the November 2020 elections.

In September, the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) will mail absentee ballot request forms to at least 2.7 million eligible voters in Wisconsin alone, to be returned for an absentee ballot valid for the November presidential election.

Some other constituencies will still request and receive their absentee ballots outside of this process. Many Wisconsin voters already signed up to receive absentee ballots for the rest of the year when they applied for their ballot this past spring.*


This equates to a vote-by-mail capacity that has never been seen or previously considered in our state. There have been some new procedures put in place by the WEC to account for this fact. However, we remember the headaches, shenanigans, and outright voter disenfranchisement in this past April’s election by the Republican Party of Wisconsin and its allies.

One chief takeaway was that voters, municipal clerks, and the courts require time to respond when the unexpected happens and when partisan political gamesmanship takes place.

That is why Menomonee Falls Action Team created postcards to instruct voters on how to request their ballots prior to the large-scale September statewide campaign already planned.


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Postcards come printed with an illustration showing how easy it is to request an absentee ballot, give additional information through printed text, and feature a large space for volunteers to express why voting is so important. Due to the costs of printing and postage, the voters we target will be specific and strategic, and will only include strong Democrats.

With COVID-19 infection rates trending upwards due to irresponsible moves by Republicans and the Trump Administration, it is more clear than ever that voting by mail is the safe way to have your vote count.

Your kit will be delivered to your door in a door-hanging pouch.

Please let us know that you’re interested by completing the form below.


*As of this article’s posting date, there will also be in-person absentee voting (sometimes called early in-person voting) and voting at the polls in November. Stay tuned to our Elections page for the latest updates.

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