1 Year 2 Win Weekend of Action

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Join us in reaching out to voters to learn what will inspire them to get out to the polls in the midterm election! We only have 1 Year until the November 2022 midterm elections and this is our first big canvassing and phone banking event in preparation for it.
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1Y2W Volunteer Recruitment Phone Bank

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Join Menomonee Falls Democrats as we recruit and schedule volunteer canvassers and phone bankers for our 1 Year 2 Win (1Y2W) Weekend of Action with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on 11/6 and 11/7! Every single phone call you make is offering someone the chance to do their very small part of the action that must occur to make big things happen. Governor Evers cannot get re-elected and we can not fire Senator Ron Johnson without your help with this Menomonee Falls Action Team phone bank! Let us know if you would like us to drop off a paper call…
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