2020 Presidential Election Results: How Menomonee Falls Voted

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2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION RESULTS: HOW MENOMONEE FALLS VOTED Residents of Menomonee Falls cast their votes for president, vice president, congressional representative, state senator, and state assembly representative, and the results are in. Compared to the 2016 presidential election, overall turnout was higher this November. However, the number of new Democrats who turned out was nearly double the new Republicans who voted. Democratic voter turnout has increased in every election since we launched Menomonee Falls Action Team in February 2018. Voting for President and Vice President Donald Trump (R-incum) / Mike Pence: 56% with 13,879 votes Joe Biden (D) / Kamala…
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Who is Emily Siegrist?

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WHO IS EMILY SIEGRIST, CANDIDATE FOR WISCONSIN STATE ASSEMBLY? Emily Siegrist is running for Wisconsin State Assembly in the 24th District. The current elected official is Rep. Dan Knodl. She is a nurse, veteran, teacher, and mother to two young kids. Emily is a familiar name and face to Menomonee Falls Democrats. That's because, since 2018, Emily has marched with us in parades, knocked doors with us, made phone calls, shared coffee, and let us into her life. This, all while meeting with more people in the district per day than seems possible for a human. We Believe in Emily…
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Nomination Papers for Wisconsin Democrats

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NOMINATION PAPERS FOR WISCONSIN DEMOCRATS Running for office requires a lot of paperwork. The first step to getting on the ballot is to collect nomination signatures. The number required depends on the office the candidate is running for. Below are four candidates from the area who need our help collecting signatures to get their names on the ballot in November. They all share our Democratic values. [ HOW to fill out nomination papers ] 1. Tom Palzewicz for Congress [CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOMINATION PAPERS TO GET TOM ON THE BALLOT IN 2020] Click to Find Your Congressional District Tom…
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