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HOW TO TALK ABOUT THE RECOUNT Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won Wisconsin. The margin is more than 20,600 votes, far too high a margin to change in a recount. For reference, during the 2016 recount Trump only gained 113 additional votes. All of the Republican claims around fraud in the election are baseless. But if we're going to talk about it, there is a right way and a wrong way. We don't want to help Republicans frame how the recount is discussed. BEST PRACTICES DO NOT REPEAT accusations, even to refute. (e.g. do not say “there is no evidence…
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STATE OF THE 2020 WISCONSIN RECOUNT Here is the latest information for the recounts that were requested by the Trump Campaign in Milwaukee County and Dane County. See below for answers to frequently asked questions. 2020 WISCONSIN RECOUNT VOTES UPDATE * Wisconsin recount results are in: Biden-Harris net 87 new votes statewide. * Milwaukee County Recount: Complete, net 132 new Biden-Harris votes found Dane County Recount: Complete, net 45 new votes for Trump-Pence The following links represent the total recount vote count as of the end of the date indicated. 2020 General Election Recount Vote Count 11-28-20: Click here2020 General…
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Wisconsin Recount Volunteer Signup

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WISCONSIN RECOUNT VOLUNTEER SIGNUP Donald Trump and the Republican Party claim that they will force a recount in Wisconsin of votes cast in the 2020 presidential election. Let's Talk Facts Recounts are generally effective when it comes down to a couple hundred votes in one state. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won Wisconsin by over 20,000 votes. Trump also lost many states besides Wisconsin. Waiting.. At this time, neither the Republican Party nor the Donald J. Trump for President campaign has formally requested a recount in Wisconsin. However, all election, Democrats prepared for everything. That's how you win. WISCONSIN RECOUNT…
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