1. We specialize in talking with Democrats in the Falls and activating them when necessary. We also know how to talk to Independents and moderate conservatives who share our values.
  2. Our neighbor-to-neighbor conversations about issues impacting the community and daily life result in more informed citizens motivated to participate in our political process. Sign up for a canvass or phone bank!
  3. Neighbors across Menomonee Falls now realize there are lots of great liberals and progressives around them. 😀
  4. Our members participate in grassroots projects that improve the community.
  5. We regularly promote town hall meetings to join together individuals with diverse interests in collaborative action.


In partnership with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin and Indivisible, our amazing MFAT volunteers have helped excite Democratic voters to winning results, beginning in our inaugural year of 2017. Our work in 2020 grew the number of Falls Democrats exercising their right to vote by 3%.

  • Our volunteers talked with four times more Menomonee Falls residents about voting in the Spring 2019 election than we did in 2018.
  • On April 2nd, 2019, more voters who align themselves with our Democratic values showed at the polls than ever before to elect a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Appeals & Circuit Court Judges, Village Trustees, and school board members.
  • Menomonee Falls Democrats turned out in record numbers during the 2018 Midterm Elections. Senator Tammy Baldwin returned for another term. A new Democratic administration led by Gov. Tony Evers took office in Wisconsin.
  • In Spring 2018, we called and knocked on doors to successfully elect Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet.
  • Democrats marched for the first time in the 2018 Menomonee Falls Independence Day Parade. We returned for the 4th of July parade in 2019 and also marched in the 2019 Falls Christmas Parade.
  • We mailed over 500 postcards to state and federal legislators directing them to support Gov. Evers’s plan to expand Medicaid, appoint a nonpartisan panel for Wisconsin’s upcoming redistricting so that there are fair maps, and hold oversight hearings on several concerning matters related to the Trump Administration.
  • We launched our Breakfast with Democrats in Menomonee Falls recurring event for Dems to come together, eat, and socialize! [currently on hold due to COVID-19]
  • MFAT members took a stand and supported the movement started by students to change the school mascot.
  • As part of Indivisible’s The People Lead week of action, we joined with Grassroots Germantown, Indivisible Lake Country, and Indivisible Tosa in a coordinated call, postcard, and social media campaign. We delivered over 2,000 postcards and made hundreds of calls in support of HR1 For the People Act, HR4 John Lewis Voting Rights Act, court reform and D.C. statehood.
  • We sent hundreds of letters to the Menomonee Falls School Board in support of their COVID-19 initiatives to keep our community safe, including through masking, disinfecting, and social distancing.


Each of us has a different reason or reasons.

The common “why” is because we feel like our government – on the local, state, or federal level – isn’t listening.

We don’t only focus on electing officials. Menomonee Falls Action Team committees advocate for their progressive issues and the entire team stands ready to act when needed.