So many of you requested that we write letters to Georgia voters. We have partnered with Vote Forward and have a list of several thousand busy Georgia voters who have proven to cast their votes only when urged to do so. Every single vote is critical in the Senate runoff election on January 5, 2021.

If Democrats can win both seats, the Senate will be split and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will cast the deciding vote.


Each pre-printed letter explains the ways to vote, as well as a website address for more details, and the voter’s contact information.

Because Georgia voters will be inundated with partisan communications, our letters can cut through the noise with a motivating, personal and handwritten message that doesn’t sound like a political ad. Unlike a mass-produced direct mail campaign, our letters offer a personal touch in hand-addressed envelopes. There have been several studies showing the effectiveness of this method.

You will address the voter’s name, write a handwritten message about why you vote, sign the letter, and address the envelope. After you have completed all of your letters, you will return the sealed envelopes to us and we will stamp and mail them. If you are willing to donate your own postage, you are welcome to apply a stamp but still return to us for tracking purposes. You are welcome to complete more letters after returning a batch.

  1. Sign up and choose how many letters you can write
  2. Either you pick up or we drop off your letters and envelopes, with instructions. If you choose pick up, we will contact you with more info.
  3. Return the letters to us when you’re finished
  4. Be proud of the work you did to help Georgia have the representation in Washington, D.C. that it deserves

Example Letter


    Please select a delivery option (required)
    I will pick up my packet of letters and envelopesPlease drop off my packet at the address above

    How many letters can you write? (required)

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    *Please select the number of letters that you can write within 2 days. For questions, please contact us.

    UPDATE: Menomonee Falls Action Team members completed 2,200 letters, which urge Democratic voters to cast their votes in the Senate runoff election on January 5, 2021. This project also brought $1,210 to our great postal service.

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